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Every airbrush tan is hand sprayed with precision and attention to detail, giving you consistent results each and every time. Your color is customized to your skin type and desired outcome.
Studio Skin & Body uses only the finest quality solutions, made with natural and organic ingredients, and infused with anti-oxidants and pure botanicals.

How do I prep for my tan?

  • Shower, shave and EXFOLIATE prior to coming in. We recommend to do so the day prior to your appointment, this allows time for your pores to close. Oil based soaps are not recommended.
  • We suggest using a non-oil based scrub with an exfoliating mitt to gently exfoliate your skin. Well exfoliated, clean skin is essential to getting the best results.
  • Please inform us of any skin conditions, trouble spots or any known issues you may have had with other sunless tanning products.
  • We recommend applying lip balm prior to your appointment.

What do I wear?

You may wear as little or as much during your sunless tan application as you wish. Keep tan lines in mind BEFORE your session starts. We provide disposable g-string for your convenience.

It’s best to wear dark, lose fitting clothing home from your appointment as well as flip flop type footwear. The cosmetic bronzer can rub off on light colored clothing although it does wash out, it’s best to avoid this. If you plan on sleeping in your tan before your initial shower it’s best to wear long sleeve top and bottoms to bed to avoid skin to skin contact.

What do I do after my tan?

  • You must follow the instructions given to you in regards to when you can shower.
  • You cannot get wet, workout or shower while the tan is developing
  • The spray tan is just a rinse at the time of the first shower – No soap can be used as it will neutralized the tan and prevent it from working. Soap and shampoo during the first rinse can also cause streakiness or unevenness.
  • During the first rinse, you will see the cosmetic bronzer rinsing off in the shower, this is normal. The tan will still be developing for an additional 24 hours. The Custom Airbrush will be fully developed after the first shower.
  • Moisturize your skin after the first rinse and continue to do so after each shower. We recommend using our Tan Extending lotion to extend the life of the tan. Tans will typically last 7 days. Using a tan extender will extend the tan an additional 7-10 days.
  • Hydrate your skin! Hydrated skin is happy glowing skin…Your tan and body will thank you!

Full Body: $35