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What is floating?

Floating is a revolutionary advancement that provides a wave of physical and mental benefits. Float Pods are designed to cleanse the body and mind of external sensations (including gravity) to allow complete relaxation. Each Float Pod is filled with Epsom Salt and water, creating a dense environment that allows your body to float naturally and experience weightlessness.

The solution is heated to match your body temperature, which is scientifically proven to provide a range of therapeutic benefits such as:

  • Increased brain activity
  • Relaxation
  • Meditation
  • Sleep better naturally
  • Muscle pain relief
  • Enhance creativity
  • Reduce stress and anxiety

Preparing for your float

We recommend the following steps to help increase sensory deprivation and allow you to experience complete relaxation during your float.

  • Avoid smoking and do not consume caffeinated drinks 3 hours before your float.
  • To avoid digestive distractions, do not consume food within 80 minutes prior to your float.
  • DO NOT consume drugs and/or alcohol prior to your appointment. Studio Skin & Body reserves the right to refuse treatment to anyone we suspect may be under the influence.
  • To prevent skin irritation, do not shave or wax 24 hours before and after your float.
  • If you are suffering symptoms of gastro, avoid floating for two weeks after symptoms stop.
  • We highly recommend showering before and after your float. Studio Skin & Body provide showers, towels and toiletries for your convenience.
  • Bathers are optional during your float, as some find it uncomfortable and distracting. We respect your privacy and ensure you are able to maintain it during your float.
  • Drink plenty of water for up to 12 hours after your float.

How are the pods cleaned?

The water is filtered after every float and the pods are self-cleaning with two types of disinfectant used.

What should I wear?

Bathers are optional and we recommend you wear nothing at all to prevent distractions. You will have complete privacy during your float.

What if I can't float or swim?

The water is only 30cm deep and the high salt levels ensure effortless floating for everyone.

What if I am claustrophobic?

You may exit the pod at any time during your float. You also have the option to leave the pod lid open. Most claustrophobic people have reported that floating has not troubled their phobia because they felt a ‘floating in space’ experience.

Is it dangerous if I fall asleep?

Not at all! The water is so buoyant you can float effortlessly.

Can I float while pregnant?

Yes, but we advise you check with your health care professional first.

Can I float while on my period?

Yes, as long as the necessary hygiene is followed e.g. a tampon or cup.

What about my hair colour/spray tan?

We recommend waiting a week after all hair colouring and/or spray spanning before your float

Can two people float together?

Floating is intended as an uninterrupted and often personal experience. You may be conscious of one another and the pod will likely be physically restraining to you both. We recommend a double booking to obtain maximum benefits.

How often should I float?

The more you can float the better! We offer packages of weekly, fortnightly and monthly floats. While this is not always possible, most people have reported experiencing the benefits from a single float.

30 min Float: $55
60 min Float: $75
90 min Float: $89
120 min Float: $99

Introduction to Float (3 x Floats): $149 save $76
3 Floats: $197 save $28
5 Floats: $297 save $78
10 Floats: $587 save $163